Meet the Team

Chelsea Carmer, Office Manager

Chelsea joined our office in October 2011. She handles all aspects of our office, including patient scheduling and insurance billing. Chelsea lives in Lisbon with her husband Shawn and their 3 children. They enjoy boating and being outdoors as a family.

‚ÄčTanner the Dog, Office Mascot

Tanner is a professionally trained service/facility dog. He is a 6 year-old golden retriever who spent the first 18 months of his life training to work in a hospital setting with patients. He spent a year working on the Rehabilitation Unit at Genesis Medical Center in Davenport, IA prior to moving to Mount Vernon. He has also donated his time at Hand-In-Hand Daycare, a childcare service for children with disabilities. Tanner spent the 2012-2013 school year at Mount Vernon Middle and Elementary schools working with the children there. Now in semi-retirement, Tanner spends time in our office almost daily. Tanner is incredibly friendly and loves doing tricks for a treat. His other hobbies include playing with inflatable beach balls, (off his nose), balloon volleyball, naps, and chasing squirrels.