Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

"I have experienced chronic neck pain for over 5 years. I felt constant mild discomfort after working at a computer all day and periodically I would get intense acute pain after kayaking, climbing, or at the gym. Last year, after a beautiful day kayaking, I got shooting pains in my neck and it hurt so badly couldn’t turn my head, sleep, or even think. I found Mount Vernon Chiropractic and Dr. Grafft made time to see me. The moment Dr. Grafft made an adjustment I felt incredible relief – I could actually turn my head! My recovery from this was swift and now a year later, Dr. Grafft has helped tremendously with the daily stresses I put on my neck and vastly improved my range of motion. Dr. Grafft and the MV Chiropractic team are careful, personable, affordable, professional, and simply great at what they do!"

Dr. Grafft and Dr. Salier have helped our family in so many ways!  We have been seeing Dr. Grafft for several years now.  He has helped get my migraines in check and has helped my husband’s bulging disc.  My infant son started experiencing a long stretch of ear infections around his first birthday.  After meeting with our family doctor and being referred for tubes, I remembered that Dr. Grafft has told me he may be able to help.  In the time we had the consultation and subsequent surgery scheduled, Dr. Grafft worked with my son and we saw such drastic improvement, my doctor cancelled the surgery during our pre-op check!  A month later, we had his 15 month well-child visit and my doctor commented that she can’t even tell he’s ever had an ear infection!  She was equally impressed with the drastic change.  And I like to call Dr. Salier the “migraine whisperer” because while Dr. Grafft has done a great job of helping control my migraines, when I have one come on, Dr. Salier has a method that seems to immediately improve my migraine.  These two guys are excellent – we’re so thankful to have them taking such good care of our entire family! 

Until lately I had never gone to a chiropractor. Friends and family have raved about how much they helped them with pain. 09/13/12 my back went into a spasm and I went to a physician and got pain pills and a shot for pain. 09-14-12 the pain got so bad I went to the ER again and got another shot and pain pills. The pain was moving down my legs and constant- I couldn't walk. I had to sit all day or lay on my back to get any relief. I won't say treatment was painless but I would say it wasn't nearly as bad as I had thought it would be. Dr. Grafft treated me 2-3 times a week for a couple weeks. On October 10th I can walk without a cane for everything and can sleep fine! The pain is 100% better than when I started treatment with Dr. Grafft. I am amazed at how much the treatments helped. LIfe is so much better now!

I go to the Chiropractor because when I was 9 years old I was in a car accident. I started having bad headaches and back problems. I went to see Dr. Larry Cornelius. He helped me a lot, and I went to Dr. Cornelius until he retired. When Dr. Grafft and Dr. Salier took over I started seeing them. They have also helped me with my headaches and back problems......I think I would be miserable if I didn't see a chiropractor. Chiropractic has helped a lot. I would like to say thank you to Dr. Grafft, and Dr. Salier for being chiropractors!

Since I've been a patient of Dr. Grafft's, I've gained a lot of mobility from adjustments and the stretches he's taught me. My treatment is progressing well.

I have had migraine headaches for 14 years and was too afraid to see a chiropractor. After much urging from my family and friends, I made an appointment. There is no fear in seeing a chiropractor and I wish I had not waited 14 years and suffered unnecessarily. Dr. Randi Grafft is gentle, informative, and very caring. My migraines are now at a minimum and controllable. He has absolutely changed my life. Don't put it off any longer. See a chiropractor!

Two years ago our 11 year old son was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Without Hyperactivity Disorder. Before his diagnosis his teachers attempted various methods to help him stay focused on his schoolwork. Nothing helped and we were left with no other alternative but medication. The medication did work and he functioned much better at school but we always felt uncomfortable about it.
This past January Kim became a patient of Dr. Grafft's and during her first visit asked him about ADHD. We made an appointment for our son soon after. The results have been nothing short of amazing. We noticed a difference from his first adjustment. He has always been a happy and energetic kid, but instantly he became more relaxed; he had a spring in his step and he just seemed happier.
To make a long but happy story short, we were able to cut our son's medication in half at the end of March. His teachers didn't notice. In May we were able to eliminate his medication completely and once again his teachers didn't notice. We are so excited about the results and plan to bring our youngest son to Dr. Grafft this summer! He is just great with kids and the boys thin he's awesome!
-Rick and Kim

Over the years I have suffered with severe neck and back pain.  I was in a car accident as a teenager and had intense trauma to these areas.  Over the years of having office jobs and sitting all day, not lifting properly, etc., back surgery was performed in 2006.  Sugery only fixed part of the problem.  Upon persistant recommendation from my mother I have been under Dr. Salier's care.  Each and every treatment along with therapy at home, I can honestly say my back has never felt this great!
We are very fortunate to have these two fantastic chiorpractors in our area.  Not only are they compassionate about your care, they have a great facility.

I suffered from upper back, neck and shoulder pain for over two years and had already been treated with physical therapy and a number of treatment modalities at a a local pain clinic.  But none of them had ever brought an end to the almost continuous neck and back pain I was having. It became difficult to sit in a chair or ride in a car, and needless to say, I was not so much fun to live with. To make things worse I began to develop an almost continuous right-sided headache.  Finally I...made a self referral to a chiropractor in Mt. Vernon, Dr. Randi Grafft. After a thorough exam and health history, Dr. Grafft began treatment, which consisted not only of neck, shoulder, and back adjustments, but also a number of well-designed stretches, which seemed to help me as much as the adjustments. He also gave me printed instructions of exercises and stretches to do at home on a regular basis. My improvement did not occur in one treatment, but in a short series of treatments. What I so appreciated in my aftercare was that Dr. Grafft did not keep me coming back after I did not need to.  He left the door open for a routine return in a few weeks, or sooner if needed.  I have done just this, and with his assistance, my back and neck pain is now well-controlled.

When my son was 5 months old, I noticed that he was developing a flat spot on the back of his head. Even when I tried to move him in his sleep, he refused to stay put and I would check on him later only to find that he had rotated back to the same flat spot. I brought him to see Dr. Randi Grafft. After only 2 adjustments, not only could we see that the flat spot was starting to round back out, but he started sleeping better as well! Now my baby is doing great and I love that I have a chiropractor that can help my whole family!

Dr. Salier has helped my family in so many ways. I am thankful for everything he has done for my family. Before I started seeing Dr. Salier I had headaches all of the time.  Now, I maybe have a headache once a month. My husband had to have back surgery last year and was always in pain. He started seeing Dr. Salier and his back feels better than it has in years.

I don't think I would have survived my last two months of pregnancy without the guys at Mount Vernon Chiropractic. I seriously owe them for helping me push through to delivery day. They helped me stay as comfortable as possible, and now I really believe the studies that say chiropractic adjustments can decrease labor and delivery times. For all those pregnant women out there, please help yourself -

As a new mom I am now, more than ever, an advocate for infant and child chiropractic care.  At 3 months old, my son was diagnosed with RSV.  After leaving my medical doctors office, I stopped to have him adjusted at Mount Vernon Chiropractic.  I truly believe he was able to get better more quickly thanks to the doctors at MVC.  Dr. Grafft explained things in detail to me and adjusted my son with gentleness and care.  Now my son is 6 months old and thriving!  He is adjusted regularly and each time I am able to see an immediate difference in his daily schedule.  He sleeps better and longer is an all-around happy baby thanks in large part to Mount Vernon Chiropractic.

My infant daughter had been a good sleeper, but suddenly wasn't sleeping for more than 2 hours at a time. We went to the pediatrician several times. Finally, we were in Iowa for Christmas this year and went to see my nephew, Dr. Randi Grafft. He was very gentle and adjusted her neck. She slept 12 hours that night! We appreciate everything he did!
-Megan (Ohio)